Not all mattresses are created equal and neither are the factories where they are made

From design to finish, special care goes into every mattress and box spring that we make. We understand that most consumers don't know much about mattresses or mattress production. We know that we have to give you a reason to trust us with one of the most important purchases in your home...your mattress. What makes us unique is how we build more comfort and durability into every piece. The quality of the components we use and more importantly, the quality of our craftsmanship, is what sets us apart. Unlike mass-produced brands, we expect our mattresses to last longer, and unlike mass-produced brands, most of our models have an extended life because we still think they should be padded on both sides. In addition, many of our box springs are still coiled by hand. It takes us longer to build each unit and most of the extras are hidden under the cover, but you get something that we are proud to put our name on.

When only the best components will do

  • 357 VertiCoil Edge
  • 713 AC Lura-Flex
  • Body Print Marshall unit
  • Zeroflex┬« box spring system
  • all-natural latex foam rubber
  • soy-based polyurethane flexible foam